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Khilafat Movement and causes of its failure.

In World War 1 the emperor of Muslims was Turkey. The chief of this was Khalifa Abdul Hameed.

In WW1 Turkey con with Germany instead of England but by this the Muslims of Hindustan was unhappy because they thought if the WW1 was conquer by England then they will not treat good to Turkey. It was a political campaign which is launched by mainly Muslims in British India to influence and protect the Ottoman Empire.

Muslims of Hindustan get promise from the Chancellor of England that they are not harmed or desecrate the sacred places of Muslims. After conquered WW1 England and their allied breach of promise and send their Army to Jeddah and Basra and also wanted to remove khalifa from turkey's capital, Istanbul and divide the ottoman empire in many parts and therefore the Ali brothers in India, Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar and Maulana Shaukat ali asked the muslims of india to start the khilafat movement against the British in order to keep the khalifa in power as it was the only Muslim state. Therefore the khilafat movement was started. Therefore after such struggle, Khilafat committee was formed in November, 1919 and the Muslims of India demanded that:
• Turkey should not be divided into parts
• Caliphate should not be abolished
• Muslim Sacred places should not be harmed.
As the Khilafat Movement was against the British, Hindus also cooperated and started non-cooperation movement.

. For remembrance of promise to British the Muslims of Hindustan launched this moment and name Khilafat Moment. Khilafat movement was launched by Muslims of South Asia to force British government to protect the Ottoman Empire after WW1. The results were
Indian wide protests and rallies, Civil disobedience, Collapse of Khilafat, Collapse of Hindu Muslim Alliance

The caliphate is an Islamic system of governance in which all of the states are spend their life and all work under Islamic rules.

The movement gave a general awareness and created self-confidence among the Muslims. It awakened their sense of political understanding. They started taking parts in the nation politics and also learnt methods of protesting, arranging and holding mass meetings and fighting for their rights. Educated Muslims, students and Ulemas started taking interest in politics. This movement created a number of political workers who later started taking interest in politics and played an important and active role in the Pakistan movement. These workers had direct contact with the masses. Now, they were able to boldly present their demands to the British Government. The Khilafat Movement gave a boost to Muslim journalism and many important Urdu magazines and newspapers came out voicing the demands of the Muslims. These newspapers and magazines contributed a great deal towards political awakening and advocating their demands of Pakistan. Therefore Khilafat Movement proved to be the forerunner of the Pakistan movement later on.

There are so many points of failure of this one are that Chora Chori. On 5th February 1922 the people how are in favor of this they become so violent and burn the police station in Chora chori a city of attar pardesh after this Gandhi said that it is the group and violence so finish it.

Another point is that Mopla Voilence started a rebellion against the British raj that they treated as enemies of Islam. In 1925 they rebel and many moplahs are died in it.

Also the Hindus and Muslims have no unity in each other they are unit only for the hates of British but in sangtee and Shadhi there unity became disappear.

Also Gandhi finishes this moment when all the leaders are in Jails and no one to take lead and Muslims were un trusted by their leaders.

Also Saudi Arabia is separate from Turkey and Shah Abdul Aziz makes own state.

The Khilafat movement failed to achieve its objective of restoration of Caliphate. Muslims of India were very discouraged and disappointed on its failure. Yet the Khilafat Movement had some favorable effects on the Muslims of India in the long run.

But after the end of Khilafat movement the Muslims realized that neither British nor the Hindus can be trusted in any way.

There are a few reasons that the Khilafat movement was not a success. Firstly, Gandhi and his involvement had a lot to do with it. That in addition to the Hijrat movement was both significant in the decline of the khilafat movement.

Another reason for the movements downturn was the moplah uprising, and of course the chaura chori incident. Both of those significantly impacted the movement in a negative way.

And don't forget about the kamal and khialfat or the Muslim league's withdrawal from the movement. Those are the 6 main reasons for the failure of the khilafat movement.

It is fail but Muslims gain many things from this moment.

Despondence of Muslims

Hindus and Muslims unity will ended

A great political leadership gain

Ulmmah and students participate in politics

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